Guidelines for authors

To take part in the XXIII-nd Scientific Conference with International Participation organized by the Faculty of Power Engineering and Power Machines at the Technical University of Sofia, you have to fill in the Registration Form and the Copyright transference agreement and send them to the address cited below in the Registration Form.

From here you can download the Copyright transference agreement.

Requirements for papers

  • Paper Size: A4;
  • Default Text Style – Arial;
  • Page Setup – Top: 40 mm; Bottom: 20 mm; Left: 20 mm; Right: 20 mm;
  • Format, Paragraph, Line Spacing: Single;
  • Format, Paragraph, Special: First Line, by 0,7 cm;
  • On the top of the first page leave 3 blank lines - Font Size 12;
  • Title – Font Size 12, Bold, 1 blank line below;
  • Authors’ names – Font Size 10, centered, 1 blank line below;
  • Abstract should not exceed 6 lines – Font Size 11, Italic, 1 empty line below;
  • Key words up to 5 – Font Size 11, (Justified);
  • Paper Body Text – Font Size 11;
  • Figures should be centered with figure captures below them;
  • Tables can be created using “Table/Insert table” command in MS Word. Table caption should be over the table and right aligned;
  • Equations should be centered and right numbered;
  • All references should be numbered in square brackets;All references should be in Roman script;
  • Pages must not be numbered;
  • The full paper should not exceed 8 pages of A4 format, including the abstract;
  • The report should be sent by e-mail in MSWord format and pdf.